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Brace yourself for Soltama – A fan tribute to Saitama, where the force of One Punch meets the flavor of One Pinch of Salt in the Crypto Universe! Prepare to amplify your portfolio with Soltama's unique blend of gains and giggles. Brace yourself for a journey of HODLing, sprinkling, and conquering the crypto realm like never before! Unleash the power of laughter and spice up your investment strategy with Soltama's secret sauce. Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the crypto space!
Tokenomics Slot Tokenomics Slot
    Symbol: $SOLTAMA
    Contract Address: BpD8kZ2DdKpUej5LFhC2TRDGB2cG9wPgDyF4VN4SabBz

    Total Supply: 10,000,000 Supply
    Tax: 0/0
    LP Tokens Burned
    Contract Renounced
    No Team Tokens
    No Whitelist
    Features Slot Features Slot
      Soltama ($SOLTAMA) distinguishes itself through quick transactions on the Solana blockchain, guaranteeing efficiency and rapidity in every transaction. This initiative is community-driven, empowering $SOLTAMA holders to participate in governance decisions and fostering a sense of collective influence. Experience transactions without fees, elevating accessibility and affordability within the SOLTAMA ecosystem.
      Team Slot Team Slot
        The SOLTAMA team is a dynamic collective of individuals, each bringing diverse specializations to the table. Committed and dependable, our team is available around the clock to provide assistance. With open lines of communication and readily available funds, we prioritize the needs of our community, ensuring a responsive and supportive environment for all holders.
        Funding Slot Funding Slot
          SOLTAMA is fully community-funded. To ensure trust in the handling of community funds, the team has implemented a multi-signature wallet system, requiring a majority vote for any transaction to be approved. Every transaction is verifiable on the blockchain, and the team provides full transparency in regards to the usage and destination of the funds.
          • Phase 1 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/money/milestone
            Phase 1 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/money/milestone
          • Phase 2 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/discosureprivilege/milestone
            Phase 2 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/discosureprivilege/milestone
          • Phase 3 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/discosureprivilege/exclusive
            Phase 3 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/discosureprivilege/exclusive
          • Phase 4 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/imprssionarms/discosureprivilege
            Phase 4 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/imprssionarms/discosureprivilege
          • Phase 5 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/SR/SSR
            Phase 5 onepunchmanworld/prize/reward/coins/intel/SR/SSR
          • 1. Get Phantom Wallet
            Download the Metamask browser extension or get the mobile app through your Appstore. Metamask will be used to buy $SOLTAMA on the Solana network.
          • 2. Buy SOL
            SOL is the native token of the SOLANA network and requiered to buy $SOLTAMA. You can buy SOL with your credit-card in the Phantom app.
          • 3. Swap SOL for $SOLTAMA
            Visit or and connect your wallet on the top right corner. Add the contract address of $SOLTAMA at the second field. Now chose the amount you want to buy and click on Swap.
          • 4. That's it!
            You have successfully invested in $SOLTAMA and are eligible to use its ecosystem. Make sure you follow $SOLTAMA on Twitter and join the Telegram community to stay up to date.
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